automated journalism

Vinnova supports the development of Lingmill's fully automated news editorial service – to be launched during early 2020.

Automated news straight into your CMS.

A perfect help via AI

Right now, in this moment - with support from Vinnova - Lingmill is developing a perfect help via Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Generation (NLG) for you as a publisher or website owner.

Automated news straight into your CMS - you can even get it without cost, via an advertising setup.

Hyper local and SEO-optimized

You'll get feeds with basic news that is hyper local and SEO-optimized, ready to be auto-published.

News with: economy, sports, climate, voter surveys, labor market and weather. You get well-angled, headlined, fact-assured articles in all these areas.

Also as separate

We also offer different kinds of news and content text feeds – separatley. You could get labor articles, finance articles or something that suits your organization.  A cost-cutting formula to create news articles or content – fitted for exact niche and location.

Well-fulfilled requirements for potential, team and feasibility