Lingmill provided C More with automated text for tv-guide – straight into their system.

All the info the fans need – automated into your CMS.

A perfect service

The Swedish network C More used the Lingmill tv guide texts straight into their system. A perfect service for the logged on paying customers at their websites and apps.

C More got texts for the top leagues in Sweden in football and ice hockey in Swedish.

Our service

Live, automatic and in several languages We keep it updated. A game is played which affect another game – we take care of that. And of course, all of it in the languages you need. Fully automatic.

Search Engine Optimized All what the fans need and want to know. Google finds it, and people stay a little longer.

Easy to order In our web form you type in your details of which leagues you want and in what languages. We'll get back with tailor fitted tabelau texts via API or how you'd like it. Of course you can also get our services after an on-line meeting or a call.

It’s exactly the information that I always look for

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