Lingmill provides Ny Teknik with automated articles about the labor market – 3 different articles per day.

Top News From Tons of Data

Finds what's most interesting

From data about the labor-market Lingmill creates automatic articles about news in that field. The particular niche that Ny Teknik was interested in was Civil Engineers, therefore we write news about that group. Is there an increase in open spots for a special type of engineer in a certain part of the country – we'll make a news article about that. Is there a small town that suddenly wants more engineers – we write about that.

Fully automated and sent straight into the website's publishing system

To find out what's most interesting at the moment, our algorithm runs through several journalistic principles and then analyzes 10 000 possible alternatives of what's has happened. It picks the most interesting one and process it and make the article with a good headline and a suitable tone of voice – in the languages you prefer. In this case, we get the data from the Swedish Public Employment Service's API.